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A.1 MedSite OCTAVE Final Report: Introduction

This report is the final result of applying the OCTAVE Method within MedSite. It was written by the analysis team and provides our recommendations for an organizationwide protection strategy, mitigation plans for risks to our critical assets, and short-term action items. Section 4 of this report also contains a considerable amount of additional information gathered during the course of OCTAVE. As a reminder, the analysis team comprised the following members:

  • L. Pierce

  • J. Cutter

  • S. Nolan (alternate R. Green)

  • K. Brown

This information is organized as follows:

A.2 Protection Strategy for MedSite

A.3 Risks and Mitigation Plans for Critical Assets

A.4 Technology Vulnerability Evaluation Results and Recommended Actions

A.5 Additional Information

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