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4.7 Sample Scenario

The senior managers at MedSite held a meeting to select analysis team members. The team that they selected is shown in Table 4-3. With the exception of the logistics coordinator, all analysis team members were assigned to this effort on a half-time basis. An information technology member was identified as an alternate, because the work schedules of all information technology staff members were subject to emergency interruptions.

Table 4-3. Analysis Team Members
Name of Core Analysis Team Member Job Function in MedSite
L. Pierce (analysis team leader) Operational manager for Surgery A
J. Cutter (recorder) Mid-level administrative clerk from Records
S. Nolan Information technology staff member
K. Brown for logistics (part-time) Facilities assistant manager
R. Green (alternate) Information technology staff member

Selecting Participants

The analysis team members (including the alternate) received OCTAVE Method training about a month before they were scheduled to begin the evaluation. They worked with the senior managers to determine who would participate in process 1. The team and the senior managers then selected the operational areas to be evaluated and identified the managers of those areas. Table 4-4 shows the senior managers who will participate in process 1, while Table 4-5 shows the operational areas and managers selected to participate in process 2.

Once the operational area managers were identified, the analysis team met with them to select the staff participants. The information technology staff was to participate in a separate workshop from the one attended by general staff members.The analysis team decided to mix the representatives from the other operational areas into two workshops. The layout of the workshops is shown in Table 4-6.

Table 4-4. Senior Managers
Senior Manager Position
P. Rollins Chief administrator
B. Houston Director of admissions
M. Samuelson Director of medical operations
R. Smith Director of pathology
C. Davidson Manager, Clinic D

Table 4-5. Operational Areas and Operational Area Managers
Operational Area Operational Area Manager
Information technology J. Donaldson
Outpatient records M. Davis
Inpatient treatment L. Roland
Lab 2 J. Livingston

Table 4-6. General and Information Technology Staff Members
Operational Area Name of Staff Member Workshop
Information technology C. Jones Information technology staff workshop
L. Gunnar Information technology staff workshop
S. Leeds Information technology staff workshop
Outpatient records K. Ambrose General staff workshop 1
S. Woods General staff workshop 2
W. Goodman General staff workshop 2
Inpatient treatment J. Simmons General staff workshop 1
S. Caller General staff workshop 2
M. Davidson General staff workshop 2
L. Madison General staff workshop 1
Lab 2 J. Fleet General staff workshop 1
K. Harriman General staff workshop 1
S. Thomas General staff workshop 2

MedSite's Schedule

Once the staff members were selected, the analysis team met and developed the schedule for the evaluation. Figure 4-3 shows MedSite's schedule for conducting the OCTAVE Method. All participants were invited to an initial briefing before the evaluation was conducted. Two senior managers attended the briefing and talked about their commitment to making the evaluation a success.

Figure 4-3. MedSite's OCTAVE Schedule


You are now ready to start the evaluation. Chapter 5 looks at the first three processes of the OCTAVE Method.

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